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What are semi-cured gel nail wraps stickers?😍😍😍😍
We absolutely love the KALOLARY® 2022 newly designed gel nail! So creative!Including more than 40 styles to choose from.
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Do you want to be the focus of the night?
Do you want to be a superstar at the Halloween party and stage?
Are you ready to impress everyone with an amazing appearance?
Kalolary glow neon pigment eyeshadow makeup kit will meet your needs!
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It definitely glows in the dark and reacts to blacklight. The glow in the dark is really only the stars in the glitter. The glitter is thick, almost like sand, but I'm kinda here for it. I tried several ways of applying and found a wet brush worked the best, otherwise not very pigmented. In the last pic, I applied the first two glitters by hand, the rest by various brushes, and the last with a wet brush. Wetness did not affect the uv glow. 9/10 would buy again.

Whitney Mara

I didn’t expect much from this palette as I’ve never tried amazon makeup but OMG!!!! This is the most pigmented eyeshadow palette I’ve owned in my 20 years of life. The glitter also goes on really well and isn’t dry! It spreads essentially like butter 🧈. If you’re looking for cheap yet seems expensive this is the one! The glitter is thick, and the shadows are bold and beautiful.


Very cute little girl false nails. Very sticky Purchased with kid nail polish and nail art stars for birthday favors. I cut the packages in half for a full set for each girl.


I bought these for my nieces. They love these. The girls are 3 & 6. My opinion is if they are happy I'm happy. I hate finding them all over the house and on clothes but again, it makes the girls happy.


So beautiful and easy to apply. Would definitely recommend this product.

Author's name

Smaller than I expected but worth it, size of a quarter so you can have an idea. The colors are bright and beautiful, some are easier to apply than others, the purple and fuchsia dayummmmm are other level of gorgeous.


I used this making a resin Christmas decoration. It worked well. I liked the fact there were single colors available to choose as well as mixed items. Picking up with tweezers worked well to drop the sequins etc. into the poured resin.

Cynthia Powell

I bought these to use as glitter shapes/confetti in snow globes and they’re the perfect size. Great quality, many beautiful colors and shapes to choose from, and you can’t beat the price!

Angie Holt