Kalolary Temporary Bright Hair Chalk Set 6 Colors

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Kalolary Temporary Hair Coloring Chalk - The Original Hair Color Chalk Blendable Colors - Lasts 3 days Brand New Edge Hair Chalk.

Various colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. No need for hair spray. Easy to use and no mess. Show off your true colors with the Hair Chalk Salon.

Add temporary streaks of color using the colorful chalk pens on your hair. Create a fashion statement using the special tools to add beads and finish your designer hair do. A fun activity for parties and girls night out (or in!).

To remove hair chalk from your hair, shampoo your hair the chalk will be washed out.

Try to wash a few more time if the colors are not washed out completely.

Please be careful near water and rain also snow as the chalk may stain your clothes.

Also, please be noted that your hair maybe a bit dry after you use the temporary hair chalk, but this does not affect the appearance.


hair chalk
hair chalk