Kalolary Adhesive Poster Putty 102 Pcs

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Easy alternative to pushpins, glues or staples.
Repeated kneading will make the clay softer and with better viscosity, simply roll it off the surface to remove, you can reuse it on other places.
Suit for various purposes, such as nail art, photography shooting, posters pasting, window display, notes, handicrafts making, etc.

Color: White
Material: adhesive rubber
Size: Each small square is About 1x1cm

Using steps:
1. Please keep your hand clean and dry when you use them, and then place on the dry and free from grease surface.
2. Take a small piece of putty and knead it on the palm of your hand to make it soft and viscous.
3. Knead it into a ball, place the picture putty between the surface to be fastened.
4. Press firmly to adhere until the poster putty sticks onto the surface.
5. To remove, simply roll it off the surface.It can be reused.

1 Pack - (96pieces per pack)

Warm Notice:
Small parts, inedible, please 
KEEP AWAY FROM children when you use them.
Mainly used for pasting 
LIGHTER things.
Take a few poster adhesive putty and knead it on the palm of your hand to 
MAKE IT SOFT AND VISCOUS, and then place it on the back of the object and press it firmly on a CLEAN, DRY SURFACE.