Kalolary 18 Pcs UV Gel Acrylic Nail Art Brush Set

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Using The Brush for The First Time
1. Rub the bristles with the your hands lightly.
2. Flick the bristles with fingers repeatedly to flick away the wax.
3. Fill a small bowl with clean liquid monomer for acrylic nails.
4. Dip brush bristles in the liquid to remove the wax layer.
5. Wipe excess off on paper towel and shape it with your fingertips.
6. Leave them in place to air dry.

How to use:
1. The round head uv brush: brush base coat and top coat for your nail with suitable size brush tip, decorate your nails with your favorite glitter and flakes.
2. The 3d nail panting brush: nylon wool with proper flexibillity and smooth drawing.you can panting simple pictures like flowers and do other designs what you like.
3. The dotting pen: Pen heads are in different sizes ball, both ends, can produce beautiful patterns, flowers, tiny dots, outlined and so on. You also can glue rhinestones, sequins and small decorations with dipping in water.
1. Clean your nails using nail art cotton rounds and nail polish remover before nail work.
2. Choose the tool or decoration most suitable for the design you would like to create.

How to Clean:
1. After painting with water-based paint, you can wash the brush with water immediately, but if you want to solidify the water-based or oil-based paint for a long time, cleaning the brush with a spcial makeup cleaner.
2. Swish the brush in the cleaner solution until visibly clean. Then gently absorb water with a dry towel. Do not to press the bursh too hard on the dry towel for avioding hair come off and bifurcation.
3. Reshape the hairbrush gently into an ideal shape(with your

Package include:

7 pcs of different sizes of UV gel nail brush
5 pcs of double ended nail dotting pens
6 pcs of nail painting brush