Kalolary 13PCS Uv Gel Nail Brush

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Color: As picture shows
Weight: 3.5ounces
Material: Wooden
Nail Art Brush: 14x0.8cm, (5.5"x0.7")
Nail Dotting Pen: 13x0.8cm, (5.9"x0.7")
Dust Remover Powder Brush: 6x3cm,( 2.4"x1.2")

Package Included:
7PCS Different Sizes UV Gel Nail Art Brush
5PCS Nail Dotting Pen
1PCS Nail Art Brush

Nail Art Brushes' Maintenance General Knowledge:
1. The painting brushes can be cleaned with water immediately after painting with water-based pigment, but if it is long time hardening water-based pigment or oil color, then you must use brush cleaner to make it clean.
2. Washing the brushes with special makeup cleaner, then sucking water by dry towel.
3. Shaping the brushes hair into an ideal form, put it flat on the shade and air drying.
4. Don't dry it with blow dryer, avoid pulling and cutting brushes hair.
5. It wouldn't affect brushes usage if there is Slight depilation phenomenon. We will meet your need. And support perfect service for you.