Kalolary 12 Sheet Marble Nail Art Polish Stickers

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1. Wash your hands with soap and water

2. Carefully manicure your nails by trimming them and pushing back the cuticle.
3. Buff your nails lightly to remove the oily layer and remove any dust.

♥Use Steps♥
1. Choose the nail strip that best fits your nail size.
2. Peel the nail strip off the backing film slowly and carefully.
3. Apply the nail strip on your nail with it's rounded edge against the cuticle. Then apply pressure gently over the entire surface.
4. Fold remaining strip over the nail top. File off any remaining excess material in a gentle downward motion using the rough side of the file.
5. Finish with top coat for longer lasting.


▶Wash foot in warm, soapy water and then gently peel off strip from the side. Precautions for Use
▶Follow the instructions and wipe nails with alcohol every time.
▶The advice is to make sure that you do not cover any cuticle with the sticker. This would cause it to lift up.It is best to leave a little gap with the edge of the nail.
▶Cover the sticker with nail polish to make it last longer.

Friendly Tips:
1.Put on somewhere kids can not attain, preventing them put tiny stickers into mouth.
2.Due to lighting shooting and dyeing and coloring, there may be a little color difference, please understand,thank you very much.

♥Package Included♥
12 Sheet Marble Full Wrap Nail Art Polish Stickers
1 Pcs Nail File