Kalolary Kids False Nail 144 PCS

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1.The material of fake nails is imported ABS, which is not easy to break and has good flexibility.
2.Color, bright and long lasting UV coating seals on each nail piece.
3.Combining fashion patterns and current popular accessories.
4.Exquisite workmanship, bright colors, clear lines.

1.Package: 6 Pack Kids false nails / 144 pieces
2.Package Size: 14.5*1.6*6.9cm
3.Nail Size: 16 x 12.4mm 16x12mm 15.5x10.5mm 14.5x10mm 14.2x9 mm
4,。14x8.5mm 14x8mm 13x7mm 12x7mm 11x6.5mm

How to Use:
1.File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick, which will wear the false nails better.
2.Clean nails with acetone-based polish remover,then you can remove it much easier when you want.
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger,apply glue stickers to nails.
4.Put on the false nails and press on them for 5 seconds
5.File and shape your new nails if needed.

Tips for remove:
1.Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes which will remove nail sticker easier.
2.Do not remove it abruptly which may leave some mark of the nail stickers on your nail surface. In that case,you can also clean the remain nail stickers with water.